Up down left right


(left) Side the middle (right) Side


at vs on

The camera is at the top (not on top )

The camera is on the top of the tv (physically on the top)

High <> Low

Higher than = Above

Lower than = Below

On <> Under

Under / Underneath / Beneath (same meaning)

(with noun) Look under the table

(without noun) Look underneath

(more literary) Look beneath the table

The corner

He’s standing on the corner (exact location)

He’s standing at the corner (outside of a room, in the street)

He’s standing in the corner (inside a room)

in vs into

(entering now) The train is going into the tunnel

(inside now) The train is in the tunnel

Out vs Out of

The opposite of in/ into

He is behind her
In front of
There are two players in front of me / They are not facing me / I am behind them
Facing / Face to face/ Opposite
He is facing the phone / he is in front of the phone


I walked over the bridge (one side to the other)

The bird flew over the house

I walked across the road (cover the distance)

He is sitting across from me (over an object)

She’s across the room

Verb + over = go from start to finish

Please look over here / please look over the report / I will walk over to Akira’s place¬†

The clown climbed the barrier, now he is among the audience

The umbrella is by the door

Along vs beside

(movement) I am walking along the river

(no movement) I am standing beside the river

x: I am standing along the river


Pulling ahead
Falling behind
Catching up