Personal Finance

UK pounds, notes, pence, pennies, coins, change

US dollars, bills, cents, dimes, quarters, change

How do we get money?

Where do you put it? Why not under the bed?

Imagine you find a job in the UK, how will you get paid?

You need a bank account!

I’d like to open an account. Is there a monthly fee? Is there an annual charge?

I don’t have enough money so I’d like to apply for a loan to buy a car.

My job pays me monthly, I have a monthly salary.

I own a car, I am the owner of a nice car.

-I don’t have a pen, can I borrow a pen?

-Sure, I’ll lend you a pen – don’t forget, you now owe me a pen

I don’t have enough money. So,  I need to borrow some money. The bank will lend me some money.

I owe the bank 10k, I’m in debt to the bank. If I don’t pay them back on time I will incur a charge.

I have money, I am in credit! Can I  put in/make a deposit, I would like to  take out/ withdraw some cash, You have no funds in your account! I have no money! I don’t have any money!

Note: Debit and Credit Cards are different (ask your teacher)

opening a bank account

credit/debit, open, overdraft, apply, interest, charge/fee 

I would like to _______ a bank account.

What is the annual _______ for this credit card?

Can I have a _______ card?

What is the _______ rate on the card / savings / loan?

I would like to ______ for a loan.

Is there an __________ facility?

Questions the Bank may ask

salary, living, job, proofs, gross, net, interest, identity, renting, lending, debts, interest, bill

What do you do for a _________?

May I ask, what is your monthly ______ ?

What was your _______ income last year?

Can I _______ you in a credit card?

Are you _______ a place or are you a home owner?

Do you have any ______, such as credit cards or loans?

How much do you owe/own/owner on this credit card?

We have a high ________ savings account for long term planning.

We need one form of ______ , plus two ______  of address such as a utility or tax ______ .

Telling the story

Credit risk / afford /Mortgage / co-sign / Savings / Default / credit evaluation

I can’t ________ to pay for a new house in cash, so I took out a ______ from the bank.

They asked me a lot of questions, which is called a ______ __________.

Because I always pay my bills on time, I would say I’m not a ______ _____, but they still asked my mum to __-____ my contract. She’ll be liable if I ________.

Interview roleplay

What questions would you ask to get the following info?

Monthly salary
Last year’s income before tax
Owns credit cards Y/N (Type?)
Total credit card debt
Owns car Y/N (If Yes, Type?)
A guess of the car value
Monthly car payments?
Total amount owing on car
Previous loans Y/N
Monthly loan payments
Total amount owing on loans
Owns house Y/N
Value of house

Using the account

Fill, take, expecting, take out, withdraw, deposit, transfer, proof, arrived, cost

Hello, I would like to _______ some money from my account.

Please ______ out this withdrawal slip / form.

I would like to _________ some money into my account

Do you have a _______ of ID / identity?

How much does it _____ to ______ some money to my bank account in Japan?

-How long will it ______ ?

-One week.

I’m _______ a payment from EOV Events, has it _______ yet ?


Part 2 : Problems