1. General vocabulary


window/ aisle seat, Pick up, drop off, terminal, to arrive, to depart, arrivals, departures, flights, times, time of arrival / departure, board, screen, timetable, delayed, delays, cancelled, on time, boarding, gate, proceed, the crew

Counter Vs table Vs desk

A counter is to count money, in a bank or bar

A desk is for work


Make sure you know positions



  1. Arrive
  2. Pick up
  3. drop off
  4. to depart
  5. timetable
  6. on time
  7. to board
  8. the board
  9. gate
  10. proceed
  1. Get on
  2. Continue
  3. Not late/ not early
  4. To leave
  5. To come
  6. To collect
  7. To depose
  8. Barrier
  9. Schedule
  10. Screen


2. The Check in

check in,  drop off, the check in desk/ counter, ticket, boarding pass, to pack, luggage, passport, baggage, suitcase, clothes, canister, explosive, matches, sharp, liquids, plastic bag,  go through, go to, check in
(you may need to change the form)

After arriving at departures, we need to (1)_________ -___ our bags but if we (2)_____ -___ online, then we just need to (3)_____ -____ our bags.  Just show your (4)________ to the attendant and they won’t need to print out your (5)______-_____.  They will ask you if you (6)________ your suitcase by yourself and if you are carrying any (7)_________ under 100ml, they need to go in a plastic bag.

Talking to the attendant

Welcome to British Airways, where are you flying to today?

Did you check in online?

Can I have the reference / booking number?

Have you booked your seats?

Would you like to upgrade?

Are you checking in any luggage?

Did you pack this suitcase yourself?

Did anybody ask you to pack something for them?

Are you taking something for someone? 

Do you have any gas canisters? Like hair spray, for example.

Are you carrying any explosives?  

Do you have any lighters or matches? 

Any sharp objects? 

Here’s your boarding pass.

Please proceed through security and go to gate 14.

Have a pleasant flight! 


A. Greeting, ask for destination

B. Answer

A. ask about checking in online

B. Explain you didn’t

A. Ask for reference, passport

B. Present email

A. Ask about luggage

B. You have a suitcase and a small bag 

A.  Weigh the bag and ask about prohibited items

B. You have a bottle of drink

A. Explain the rules

B. Complain

A. Explain the rules

B. comply 

A. give gate information and boarding pass. Bid the passenger farewell

B. Give thanks and say goodbye


3. security check

empty, take off, put / put on, place, electronic, tray, pockets, coins, keys, metal objects, belt, hat, shoes, jackets and coats 
(you may need to change the form)

While waiting in the queue, please _________ your coats and jackets.  Please ________ your _________devices into the ______.  Could you please _____-___ your belt and _______ your pockets.

scan, through, in, out, to, take off/remove, pockets, step, stand, lift/ raise, arms, hands, legs, feet, empty, spread

Please ______ your boarding pass before your bag goes________ the scanner.  Sir, we asked you to _________ any coins from your __________. Could you _____ over here please.  ______ your arms.  Spread your _____.

To check, to examine, picking up, open, x-ray, scanner, bio scanner, step, come

Please_____ into the ______. Put your hands up and do not move.  The ______machine is  ______-____ something strange, can you explain to us what this is.  It’s a game controller? Oh, ok… Can we _____ it?  Can you please ____ with us…


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