Present Simple

It’s not simple!

I work.  I play.  I eat.

= I do this, in general, every time.

The negative:

I don’t work. I don’t play. I don’t eat.

Question form:

Do you work? Do you play? Do you eat?

Usage problems – “in general” vs “just for now”:

Sometimes we need to express something “in general” because present continuous expresses a temporary action, it is “just for now”.

I recommend = every time, for every situation, every time you ask

I am recommending = only at this moment!

If you need a recommendation, which would you prefer?

It is the same with: advise, suggest, apologise,  insist, agree, refuse…

Even with “to promise”, the speaker is talking about doing something every time, not just now.

o: I promise

x: I am promising