Prepositions: Do not use “to”


Please answer me

He won’t answer the phone

He’s not answering his calls

Note: Give the answer to me

Note: Yashiro answers to me (in general, explains a subordinate’ s position)


Can I ask you a question

Goenitz asked me about the results


Please tell me about the problem

He won’t tell me what’s wrong

Call/ phone / ring / text

I’ll call Shermie tomorrow

Don’t ring Shermie in the morning!

To text means to send a message by SMS (Short Message Service).  Rarely, some people say “SMS”.

Chris is going to text me the details later

Chris is going to SMS me the details later

Note: Write / Reply + to someone


Thank you! Thanks very much!  Thanks a lot!

x: Thanks you

Note: Thanks to you = because of you

Thanks to you, we were able to succeed.

Thanks to the map, we were able to find the building.

x: Thanks to you very much!