Prepositions 2: Work

Make sure you have read prepositions 1 first.

Work + for / in / at

We work for a purpose / for someone’s benefit / for a period of time
I work for a bank
I work for Gamespot Versus
I work for money
I work for my father
I work for eight hours a day

We work in a (type of company) = inside the company
I work in a bank

X: I work in a (company name) – unless it is one of many
I work in a Bogard Bank (in London)

O: I work in (company name)  = expresses in a specific department, needs more info
I work in SNK (in the development department) 

O: I work in (industry)
I work in development
I work in eSports
I work in finance

We are working at a company = the company is the location
I work at SNK
Note: we work in a department (not at)

Using in / at / for a company is effectively the result is the same, but the difference is subtle.  What would you prefer to say?

Test on prepositions 1 and 2

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