Future 5

  1. Future vs Continuous action
  2. Plans
  3. Decisions I
  4. Decision II
  5. Opinions / Predictions
  6. Future Perfect

Opinions & Predictions

Are we sure of the future? Very often we are not, so, instead, we give opinions.

For example, if somebody asks about an overpowered character in the first release of a game, what would you say?

They will get nerfed.

Are you sure?

Often we express an opinion or prediction  about the future.

I think they will…
I guess they will
They will probably…
I believe they will…
They are sure to …

… get nerfed in the patch.


Do you think she’ll win the match?
Yeah, she’ll win.

This is not an expression of the future, this is an opinion. The question sets the context. The answer does not need to repeat “I think she will”. Of course, if you want to express a certainty of the future, then do so.

pronoun + think + subject + will + verb

I think it will rain tonight.

She thinks there will be traffic

Stronger Opinion

Use “believe” instead of think.

I believe it will rain tonight


Additional words before or after the phrase add strength.

For example: She’ll win

She’ll win +  

– for sure
– it’s/that’s guaranteed
– , of course

> She’ll win for sure!

+ she’ll win

– Too right
– Damn right
– Of course
– No doubt

> No doubt, she’ll win!

Short replies
– Certainly!
– No doubt!
– Undoubtedly!
– Obviously!

no need to add the phrase here.


We use “going to” to predict the future, based on what we know or can see.

subject + to be + going + to infinitive

It’s going to rain = looking at the dark clouds in the sky, I am quite confident that it will rain

The pen is on the edge of the table – it is going to fall off!
It is not 100% sure but it very probably will happen.

He has drunk too much.  He looks very pale.
I think he will be sick (opinion).
he’s going to be sick (prediction)!

In this case, effectively they are the same – get a bucket!

Look at the time, we’re going to be late!

Note: People will often use a prediction instead of the future tense, even when the future is certain, because it shows hope.

It will take twenty minutes to arrive at the boarding gate and there are five minutes late! We’re going to miss the plane!

The piano is falling! I’m so shocked, I can’t move!  It’s directly above me!  It’s going to land on me!  I’m going to…




  1. Future vs Continuous action
  2. Plans
  3. Decisions I
  4. Decision II
  5. Opinions / Predictions
  6. Future Perfect

Credits / Sources:

Cambridge English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy
Cambridge CELTA

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