Burdens, Stones throw away, Cutting short

pronounciation : tired  → tiyud

I went to keep him → I went to pick him up

I can’t sleep till he wasn’t come back → I couldn’t sleep till he came back

3.30  →

x: three and thirty / three and a half

o: half past three / three thirty

Looking after my grandmother is not a burden, I love her very much (heavy responsibility)

Looking after my grandmother is a real burden, I don’t want to do it but I have to, it’s my duty.

Writing the review was a huge burden, but they had given me the game for free.

“Temei no tsurai michi de mukasuku nayo.” – “Your burdens are starting to piss me off.” (K’vs Kyo introduction)

Nelson: “I can’t lose. I have an important burden.”

We need to cut short the meeting (reduce/decrease)

That’s cutting it short, isnt’t it? You should explain more.

They cancelled the contract and rightly so. (It was the right choice in our opinion)

Mai left him and rightly so, he had been cheating on her for years.

The supermarket is a stone’s throw away (not very far)

We strive to do our best (try hard)

When he got hit by the heavy slash, that was the tipping point (critical moment)

This is a milestone in SNK’s history (important event / landmark)

Remember that strange problem with the netcode? Well, we’ve cracked it ! (solved it)

We’ve cracked the application (solved/unlocked the programming code so users don’t need to pay for it)


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