Pronunciation & Contractions 2020

Improve your fluency too!

There are six sets, let’s go!  You can watch the video to check, then check the notes after.

The words in bold sound similar or want you to focus on fluency.

Set 1 of 6

I went to the bank
Thanks for the meeting

I am a believer / the grim reaper
Pull the lever

Look at the pretty river
I have a pain in my liver

Forever a gamer
I’m wearing fake leather

I like fruit
That’s a nice suit
Have you packed your suitcase?

Could you lend me five quid?
This mixture is too liquid

It’s our house

She’s gone out

Joe’s back now

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Polite Phrases 1

Being polite is a tactic. Choosing when to use it is a skill.


I want >  I would like > Is it possible to… > I would be grateful if…


I want you to know that > I would like you to know that > Please note > I’d like to inform you / I’d like to advise > Please let it be known that > Please /Be advised that 

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