Words for Academic Writing


The company was established

The latest features include

The trend between 2005 and 2010 was to use

GUI design was dictated by

Describing a change

They substantially increased the output

Pioneers of innovation / innovative devices

implemented in 2017

Describing a feature

Dedicated servers

comprehensive instructions

The geotagging feature is derived from automatic meta data

The data indicates / demonstrates 

The result is illustrated by the

It was amended in 1999

However the impact was marginal

The transition to HTML5 was not without difficulty

to perceive what would happen

managed to avert the issue


support supporting supportive

provide provision

give > contribute contribution

This must be acknowleged 

It was supposed to fail but on the contrary it surpassed expectations

While stocks rose in the east, conversely the market value fell in the west.


Users were enabled to share their posts

The security was reinforced with 2 factor authentication

quickly and efficiently > expeditiously

X company have been consistently producing solid products

The utility was simplified

It has undergone a huge upgrade


Insufficient funding by the government

The experience is disrupted by constant advertisments

as well, too, on top > Furthermore

Incoherent explanations

Impossible to detect your own location

A clear deviation from the intended purpose

A distorted image


there is a distinct / vital / crucial difference

The level of quality between the two is disparate / substantial 

The criticism is disproportionate 

From the developer’s perspective 

kind of > somewhat 


As a consequence, the device is bloated.

The subsequent release was not much better.

To resolve this issue, they had to

The criticisms were justified 

Its performance was arbitrary rather than consistent

the effects were widespread 

Could not confirm any validity 

It’s good albeit with flaws

Nonetheless, there isn’t a better alternative