List II

Which do you think is the more usual word and which is more academic?  Create two lists and discuss with your tutor.

Demonstrate = show
See = perceive
Add = append
Think up = conceive
meet = convene
Go against = contradict
Make useless = Negate
Be a sign for = denote
To live = To reside
Trigger = Cause
notwithstanding = despite this
Use = utilise
Similarly = likewise
The opposite = the converse
Somewhat = rather
Crucial = very important
By which = whereby
In this way = thereby

Agreements – match the following

  1. coincides with
  2. concurs with
  3. I’m in accord with
  4. conforms to
  5. conforms with
  6. approve of
  7. reaches the same agreement
  1. is the same as
  2. satisfies the requirements
  3. follows the rule
  4. I agree with
  5. agrees with our

I concur with you. Let’s do that!

That’s a surprise, your view coincides with mine.

I’m in accord with the decision. Let’s do it!

I approve of the decision. Let’s do it!

They tried to conform with society’s unwritten rules.

You must conform to the written law of this country, if you want to stay out of prison.

Disagreements – match the following


Growing division
to divide into two
a divide

There was apparently large dissent in London on the decision to leave Europe.

Twitter is full of discord

The class was split into two over the issue of payment

There was a growing rift in the class over the issue of payment

There was a clear division in the class over the issue of payment


  1. I concede
  2. We made some concessions
  3. Exercise some discretion
  4. At our discretion
  5. Let’s agree to differ
  1. I give up / I admit I was wrong
  2. We let them have things we didn’t agree with
  3. Be aware of issues to avoid upsetting people
  4. It’s up to us to decide
  5. Let’s stop arguing about this and try to decide another time / agree enough to proceed


I concede that the mark is too high

We made some concessions on the specification, we will use plastic instead of metal, which we don’t really want.

I think it’s a good idea to exercise some discretion because the client is very sensitive about their country’s economy.

Let’s agree to differ and just move on.

I hope we can reach a compromise on the costs and sign the contract

Don’t worry about the mini bar, that’s complimentary, at our discretion.


*references / sources: Cambridge Advanced Vocabulary in Use