Personal Finance 2 : Problems

My account

Oh no I’m in the red / in my overdraft. I need to send a payment/ transfer some money. A payment went through, a payment comes in/ arrives, I don’t have enough money so I’m gonna have to default on my credit card.

Please enter your pin number.

Thank you sir, the transaction was approved. Here’s your receipt.

I’m sorry sir, your card was declined.

problems with the account

lend, pay, insufficient, deducted

The machine says I have ______ funds, can you ______ me some money? I’ll call my bank and _____ you back tomorrow!

I pre-ordered a new figure and the amount was ______ _from my account this morning!


forgot, through, declined, pay, sent, arrived, ate, took, replacement

The payment has not gone _________

At the restaurant, my card was __________, I had to pay in cash!

I’ve lost my card, can I have a ___________?

The cash machine _______ my card, I need another one as soon as possible, please!

Can you summarises the problems we can have with a card? If we lose our card, what can we do? 

security Problems

maiden, forget, operator, digit, lost, reset, send, confirm, block

Please press zero to speak to an _______

My card has been stolen. Could you _____ it please.

– I _______ my pin. Could you send it to me?

-Yes, but for extra security we will have to _____ it

Please enter the fifth ______ of your security code.

What is your mother’s ______ name?

Would you like us to ______ you a new pin?

Could you ______ your secret word?

Why does the bank ask these questions? What other questions could they ask?

Making money

builds, accrues, gains, interest, rate, varies, fixed

My savings account ______ interest every month.

My savings account has a ____ rate for five years but I can’t withdraw a large amount.

I can’t find a savings account with a good _______ rate

The exchange rate ______ from day to day


[ cash + machine/dispenser/point ] accept, exchange, commission, ATM, withdraw

I would like to _____ some money

What is the ________ rate?

Where can I find the nearest _____ bureau?

Excuse me, where is the nearest_____?

How much is the _____ charge?

Do you _____ credit cards?

cash machine problems

limit / default /afford / cash advance / funds / Credit Cards / debt / purchase/purchased / pay back / interest/ statement

I made a _______ yesterday on my credit card. It hasn’t shown up on my______ yet.

Your bank has not authorised this withdrawal  . I’m afraid you don’t have sufficient ______ in your account.

You can get a ______ _______ if you use your credit card in the cash machine.


Credit card problems

limit / default /afford / cash advance / funds / Credit Cards / debt / purchase/purchased / pay back / interest/ statement/ debt

I have _______ a lot of things and now I’m in ______. I have a large credit card _______. It decreases slowly because of the________ . I can barely _______ to pay it every month. I might have to ______ next month’s payment. Then I’ll be in trouble. I wish they had not increased my _____.


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