Personal Finance

How do we get money?

Where do you put it? Why not under the bed?

Imagine you find a job in the UK, how will you get paid?

You need a bank account!

I’d like to open an account. Is there a monthly fee? Is there an annual charge?

I don’t have enough money so I’d like to apply for a loan to buy a car.

My job pays me monthly, I have a monthly salary.

I own a car, I am the owner of a nice car.

-I don’t have a pen, can I borrow a pen?

-Sure, I’ll lend you a pen – don’t forget, you now owe me a pen

I don’t have enough money. So,  I need to borrow some money. The bank will lend me some money.

I owe the bank 10k, I’m in debt to the bank. If I don’t pay them back on time I will incur a charge.

I have money, I am in credit! Can I  put in/make a deposit, I would like to  take out/ withdraw some cash, You have no funds in your account! I have no money! I don’t have any money!

Note: Debit and Credit Cards are different (ask your teacher)

opening a bank account

credit/debit, open, overdraft, apply, interest, charge/fee 

I would like to _______ a bank account.

What is the annual _______ for this credit card?

Can I have a _______ card?

What is the _______ rate on the card / savings / loan?

I would like to ______ for a loan.

Is there an __________ facility?

Questions the Bank may ask

salary, living, job, proofs, gross, net, interest, identity, renting, lending, debts, interest, bill

What do you do for a _________?

May I ask, what is your monthly ______ ?

What was your _______ income last year?

Can I _______ you in a credit card?

Are you _______ a place or are you a home owner?

Do you have any ______, such as credit cards or loans?

How much do you owe/own/owner on this credit card?

We have a high ________ savings account for long term planning.

We need one form of ______ , plus two ______  of address such as a utility or tax ______ .

Telling the story

Credit risk / afford /Mortgage / co-sign / Savings / Default / credit evaluation

I can’t ________ to pay for a new house in cash, so I took out a ______ from the bank.

They asked me a lot of questions, which is called a ______ __________.

Because I always pay my bills on time, I would say I’m not a ______ _____, but they still asked my mum to __-____ my contract. She’ll be liable if I ________.

Interview roleplay

What questions would you ask to get the following info?

Monthly Salary
Last Year’s Income
Owns credit Cards Y/N (Type?)
Total Credit Card Debt
Owns Car Y/N (If Yes, Type?)
Estimated Car Value
Monthly Car Payments?
Total Amount Owing on Car
Previous Loans Y/N
Monthly loan payments
Total Amount Owing on Loans
Owns House Y/N
Value of House

Using the account

Fill, take, expecting, take out, withdraw, deposit, transfer, proof, arrived, cost

Hello, I would like to _______ some money from my account.

Please ______ out this withdrawal slip / form.

I would like to _________ some money into my account

Do you have a _______ of ID / identity?

How much does it _____ to ______ some money to my bank account in Japan?

-How long will it ______ ?

-One week.

I’m _______ a payment from EOV Events, has it _______ yet ?


Part 2 : Problems