Airport Part 2

4. Waiting for the gate

Connecting, delays, late later latest, missing, delayed, cancelled

Hello dad, I’m calling to tell you I’ll be _____. My first flight was ok but the _______ flight was ________. I have to take a __________ one.  My bags are_______ too.  They said everything is ________ because of bad weather.  They’ll know more in a few hours.

5. Announcements

This is a call for Rugal Bernstein, please come to the information desk, your flight is departing shortly!

call, board, gate, head

Final/ last ____for Mr Kusanagi, please _____ to ____14, your flight is now ______ing.


6. Waiting at the gate

passengers, children, elderly

Can all _____ with small ______, physical difficulties and the ______ please come forward. 

Rows, aisle 

We are now calling passengers between ____ 20 to 30 

Back forward come go

Can all passengers between rows 1-10 please _____  _____.

Remain stay sit stand

Please ______ seated.

7. More delays

(a) Heavy, strong, fast, slow, rapid, high, thick

(b)Storm, thunder and lightning, winds, smog, fog, hail, snow, sleet…


Due to (a)______ (b)______ flight AK-47 from Los Angeles has been delayed.

We regret to inform you… I’m afraid that…

8. Customer assistance

Offering, giving, taking

There are no further flights this evening so we are _____ accommodation

We are ______ passengers with families priority. Other passengers may have to take a later flight.

Shuttle, bus, train, coach

The ______ will take you to the hotel. 

The shuttle arrived fast / quickly / speedily

The shuttle is fast / quick / speedy

Provide, give, supply

We will _____ tickets / coupons / vouchers 

given, taken, exchanged

One voucher can be _______ per meal.

Meals: lunch dinner breakfast



 9. Customs at arrival

Passengers without a residents visa will need to fill out a landing card.

Your flight is from Tokyo to New York. The landing card asks “how many countries did you visit prior to visiting the USA”. What do you answer?

Where are you flying to?

Where are you flying from?

How long are you staying?

How many nights?

Where are you staying?

How many people are you traveling with?

When will you return?

How much money/cash are you bringing?

Ok, go ahead.


10. The e-ticket 



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