Pronunciation Set 2

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Tailor / Teller

I’ll take the suit to my tailor
I want to be a sailor


She’s a great story teller
It’s a bestseller

Polish and polish (not the same!)

These are Polish sausages

I need to polish my shoes


Would you like a receipt ?
His words were full of deceit


I know a great recipe
Her name is Penelope

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Ceiling / Selling

What a feeling
A white ceiling


I saw them on the corner, selling drugs
She’s telling him now


Let’s go sailing
Please unsubscribe me from this mailing list


Don’t be so stubborn


Nope, this company is not trustworthy
This car is rather curvy

Set 3 of 5


Turn that frown, upside down
You’re such a clown


Would you like some lime 
This is a paradigm of design

Snooker cue
Cucumber = come

Plumber / Climber

We’d better call a plumber
She’s a mountain climber

Dessert / Desert

I quite fancy some dessert

It’s so hot in the desert

I had a dessert in the desert

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Mild / Wild

This curry is quite mild
Don’t touch the wild animals
He’s a wild child

Tough/ Rough

He is full of fluff but he’s very tough


I’ve been coughing all night
David Hasselhoff

Tourism / Touristic / Tourists

There are many tourists at Esaka station

Skype skip

I’ll call you on Skype
Can you wipe the screen please

My nose is dripping
Let’s skip the cut scene please

Final Set


Can you lighten this colour?
I need that item!


She’s my employer
You’re going to need a lawyer

(UK) Thorough

Hackney is a borough of East London
A thorough examination


There are many grey squirrels in the park.  Where are the red ones?


This hedgehog has to go quite fast

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