How do you feel about..?

What do you think (about this)?

What’s your view (on this)?

Why don’t you share your view?

What’s your take (on this)?

How do you/we feel about … ?
What’s your feeling on this?
What are your feelings about this?
Do you have any questions ?
What’s your view?
Are we agreed?
Would you like to comment?
Any remarks?
What did you think about?
How can we improve ?
What’s your opinion about my presentation ?
How did you feel about … ?



I / we  think

I believe

In my opinion

I would say

I can say

I’m of the opinion that

In my /our opinion …..
I think …
I feel….
I believe…
As far as I am concerned…
From my/ our point of view… (In / on my point of view is NOT CORRECT)
From where I’m standing, it looks like…
If I understand well…


*What is the difference between thinking and feeling?

Confident opinion

It goes without saying that…


Of course, …

It’s my conviction that

It’s my belief that

I strongly believe that

Emphasis on personal (not company) opinion

Well, personally I think

In my own opinion

In my own view

For me, that is…

From how I see it

From my point of view

From where I’m standing, it looks like

As far as I’m concerned

As I take it

As far as I know

As far as I can see