Partly Agreeing

In between

  • That may/might be true
  • That could work
  • Maybe
  • Perhaps
  • Possibly
  • Potentially

Partly Agreeing

  • I see what you mean but/however
  • I know what you mean
  • I hear what you’re saying
  • That’s a good / nice idea, but
  • [positive agreement]+[question] e.g. That’s interesting now/but why don’t we consider …


These expressions are useful when people are vague or not clear or you want to reassure someone who can’t speak English well!

  • Yes, I see.
  • I understand what you’re saying.
  • I see what you’re getting at.
  • I know what you mean.

You can also summarise / rephrase what they said to confirm.  It’s nicer than asking to repeat.

  • So you mean that…
  • So if I understand correctly, you want….

Question as an answer

This is an indirect way to partly agree or even disagree

  • Why don’t we…
  • Have we considered..
  • How about…
  • Can we…
  • Could we…
  • May I…
  • Have you seen/heard/ …


Can be seen as rude!  Better to add ‘part agreement’ first.

  • Let’s look at ….
  • Show us the…
  • Take a look at this….