It is recommended to avoid disagreement in business with customers or potential partners unless there simply is no other option. Always consider the relationships-  how do you feel when someone tells you “No”?

“I’m afraid” = the truth is a sad fact. Use as an apology.

“I’m sorry” = clear apology

“I have to” = it’s an obligation

  • No (too strong – if possible, do not use!)
  • Nah (informal)
  • I disagree (too strong – if possible, do not use!)
  • I have to disagree (weaker)
  • I’m afraid I disagree (even weaker)
  • I’m afraid I have to disagree (weakest – recommended!)

  • I’m not sure that’s possible = I don’t know!

  • I’m sorry that’s not possible
  • That’s not possible (stronger)
  • That’s just not possible (stronger)
  • That’s out of the question (very strong)
  • That’s absolutely out of the question (extremely strong – do not use)

Try to avoid using any of these expressions and use part agreement instead.

Also, try suggesting