Meetings : opening

Some of these phrases are similar to the ones in presentations so check that page for variations.

Note: checking the room, small talk and coffee is before the actual start.

  1. Starting
  2. Welcoming
  3. Apologies
  4. Timing

1. Starting


Let’s get down to business.

OK, shall we make a start?

Right, let’s begin/ start/ go !


2. Welcoming and introducing


Welcome, everybody.

I’d like to start by welcoming everybody.

I’m happy to see everyone!

Thanks for attending/  being here/ on time

Firstly, I’d like to introduce…

Let’s go around the table and introduce ourselves!

Shall we do a round table?*


3. Apologies for absence


I’m afraid that… cannot be with us today because…

We/I have (received) apologies (for absence) from…

Xxx sends his/her apologies

unfortunately, xxx is missing today…

I would like to offer my apologies for ….

Sadly, it’s not possible for Jane to attend today…

4. Timing



Today’s meeting will last an hour.

We have x minutes, so I would like to spend x minutes on a, then x on b, ….

I hope our meeting will take / last  [x minutes / no longer than x minutes]

We are scheduled to finish at / by 5pm (by = up to, possibly earlier)

I will / would like to speak for about…minutes.

I plan to speak for about…minutes.

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