Can you name all the items in this room? credit: Ibis Rennes
Can you name all the items in this room? credit: Ibis Rennes
Vocabulary List


Front Desk

Night stand / Bedside table/cabinet
Wi-fi code
vending machine
Mini bar
*See bedroom
*See kitchen and kitchen2
*See bathroom
*See living room


(for the bed)

(for the sheets / room / towels)

(for the room)
Double / Single
Self Catering
En-suite bathroom / toilet
Shared Toilet


Book / Reserve / Have a room
(Late) Check in
(Late) Check out
Change the sheets
Clean the room
Order room service
Iron my shirt / dress / clothes
Exchange money
Register as a member
Join the members club
Fill out a form

X: Live at a hotel

X: Sleep at a hotel

O: Stay at a hotel


Can you name all the items in this room? credit: Ibis Rennes
Where is this? What happens here? credit: Ibis Rennes

Typical booking on the phone/ email

I’d like to book / reserve a room +/ for 5 nights / from x to x

Questions about the room

I’m afraid we are fully booked / we have no vacancies

(For) How many nights (would you like to stay)?

(for) How many persons?

Would you like a double room?

I’d prefer a twin / family suite / single please

Our rooms hold three persons maximum

The couch has a pull out bed

Offers & Reservations

Are there any offers or promotions?

We have twenty percent off during the week / on weekdays

Is there a discount for families?

There is a discount for booking of more than four

Can I put a hold on that/those?
Could I reserve those?
Could you reserve them for me?


Are pets allowed/permitted/?
Can I bring pets?
Do you allow pets?
I’d like to order Room service please
Do you have laundry service / an iron?
Is there a launderette near here?

Can I have [ fresh/clean]  [towels/ sheets] please?

Excuse me my key doesn’t work

The shower doesn’t work
We can’t find the TV remote


Would you like breakfast?

Breakfast is included

Breakfast is open / runs from 7 to 10am

Do you have any dietary requirements? Allergies?

We have a buffet

Do you have any vegan/vegetarian/halal options?

Would you like to become a member?

Please fill out this form.  Please give me your name / address / email address

Can you look after my bag after I’ve checked out?
Can I leave my suitcase with you after I’ve checked out? My flight isn’t until late in the evening and I don’t want to have to drag it around all day.

We have a storage locker, it’s complimentary / it’s £1 per day.

Arriving at the hotel

Hello and welcome to the X hotel, how can I help you today?

Hello, I’ve booked a room

Under which name?

My name is…

Do you have a reference/ reservation number?

Yes, it’s…

Thank you so much, can I just see a form of identification? Can I see the card it was booked under? Thank you I just need to make a photocopy of your passport.

Advice given to you

The housekeeper / maid/ cleaners needs to clean your room
Please use the “do not disturb” sign if you do not require / need room service. 

Hang the sign on the handle

Take the Elevator / Lift to the 2nd floor

We have a gym on the top floor

Would you like fresh linen? Clean towels? Just call reception. Just dial O. 

You have a safe to store your valuables

We need to reset your card key to open your room

Check in / out

You can check in from 12.  You’ll need to check out by 11 am

Please hand in your key at reception when you check out

Check out at Reception

You can drop your keys off at the desk

The exit leads to the parking lot

The concierge will help you
Porter / Bellboy will take your luggage
The valet will take your car
Could you bring my luggage to my room / the lobby / the car / taxi
We should tip the porter


How would you like to pay?

There is a charge for credit cards, but not for debit cards.

Can I have the billing address? (The address where the card is registered)

Just processing that now… Ok, that’s approved.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with the booking shortly.

Enjoy your stay!

Gap fill: Hotel Front Desk

Hello and welcome to the hotel X, how may I help you today?

Yes, I would like to _________ a room, if you have any vacancies.

For how many ______ ?

three please

From tonight?

Yes; thanks

How many _______ ?

Me, my wife and our child, so that’s three.

Alright, just checking, yes we have a__________, I’ll book that for you now, how would you like to ____

Roleplay: Hotel Front Desk

  1. Offer help / ask if booked online
  2. Confirm people and nights / room info
  3. Offer breakfast ask about diet restrictions
  4. Present food info/ offers
  5. Give info for leisure facilities etc
  6. Ask for payment
  7. Confirm with summary
  1. Arrive at hotel
  2. You don’t need a room, you booked already, give reference number
  3. Provide your allergy information
  4. Ask if there is anything to do for fun
  5. Ask for a sauna
  6. Ask to pay later
  7. Ask for a porter