Prepositions 2: Work

Make sure you have read prepositions 1 first.

Work + for / in / at

We work for a purpose / for someone’s benefit / for a period of time
I work for a bank
I work for Gamespot Versus
I work for money
I work for my father
I work for eight hours a day

We work in a (type of company) = inside the company
I work in a bank

X: I work in a (company name) – unless it is one of many
I work in a Bogard Bank (in London)

O: I work in (company name)  = expresses in a specific department, needs more info
I work in SNK (in the development department) 

O: I work in (industry)
I work in development
I work in eSports
I work in finance

We are working at a company = the company is the location
I work at SNK
Note: we work in a department (not at)

Using in / at / for a company is effectively the result is the same, but the difference is subtle.  What would you prefer to say?

Test on prepositions 1 and 2

to get __ the finals

Correct! Wrong!

Kukri is moving TO the finals. Usually, movement uses the preposition "to"

I finish work ___ 7pm

Correct! Wrong!

at + time

Tomorrow, I am working 9 ___ 7! I will be so tired.

Correct! Wrong!

time moves "from" start "to" finish

I'll meet you ____ the lobby! Hurry up, the judge is waiting!

Correct! Wrong!

If you are outside the lobby you are then in another area...

I'll meet you ____ the station, on platform 23

Correct! Wrong!

"At" is OK, but "in" means "inside". The platform is inside the station

I work _____ London

Correct! Wrong!

In + a country or city.

I work ______ SNK

Please select 2 correct answers

Correct! Wrong!

"at" or "in" or "for" a company NAME.

Adam works __ marketing

Correct! Wrong!

The department is inside a company. You can work at a company, but in a department

He took a hit __ the head

Correct! Wrong!

the hit is a movement = so, use "to"

I have to take Tokido __ the airport

Correct! Wrong!

Taking someone = movement...

I met Myu __ the arcade

Correct! Wrong!

meeting = no movement! IN = inside or AT = not precise

Haregoro took me __ Gamespot21 arcade

Correct! Wrong!

movement = to. We could use "into" but not "in"

I saw Tennkawa __ the Animate store

Please select 2 correct answers

Correct! Wrong!

no movement! IN = inside or AT = not precise. Both are correct. Hmm, what is he doing inside? Perhaps looking at Idolmaster merchandise? Good idea!

Prepositions 1
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