Future 4

  1. Future vs Continuous action
  2. Plans
  3. Decisions I
  4. Decision II
  5. Opinions / Predictions
  6. Future Perfect

Decision II

Decision that didn’t happen = I was going to

I was going to = I decided to do something BUT I didn’t do it!

Normally an explanation is needed.

I was going to kill him, but I felt sorry for him.
I was going to take the bus, but it was full of weebs.
I was going to buy the season pass, but then I remembered that the company is horrible and treats fans very badly.

Recap: Decisions vs Plans

  1. I’ll do something = I made a decision just now
  2. I’m doing something (+future /context) = here are the plans
  3. I’m going to do something = I made a decision in the past


1. If someone asks you about plans and you decide something right now, use future simple.

Yes, I’ll enter that tournament!

You are expressing an action in the future. There is no planning.


2. If you want to show a plan, use present continuous (be +ing)

I’m playing in that tournament on Saturday.

Remember the context must have a time in the futureotherwise people might think you are talking about the present.

-What are you doing on Saturday?
playing in a tournament.

If you want to express an action in the future or a decision made now use future simple.

100 megashock!  What a cliffhanger!  What will happen next?  I’ll watch the next episode right now!

3. If you want to express an decision made in the past, use going to + do

I’m going to pick this character for the upcoming tournament


Examples of usage

Think about a villain or hero in a movie:

I’ll kill you
Is a fast, no thinking, emotional reaction, decision is made now
I’m going to kill you
Shows building anger and thinking before deciding; it could be a just a threat in the end.
Going to do is a less formal way of saying I have decided to
I have decided to kill you
Sounds very methodical, formal and emotionless
I was going to kill you
Means the decision was changed!

Note: I’m gonna = I’m going to

It’s just a different dialect.



  1. Future vs Continuous action
  2. Plans
  3. Decisions I
  4. Decision II
  5. Opinions / Predictions
  6. Future Perfect

Credits / Sources:

Cambridge English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy
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