Used to do

I played tennis in the past. I played it regularly. Now I do not. Now, I play KOF, regularly.

I used to play tennis.

I didn’t use to play KOF.

I lived in London for 15 years, now I live in Paris.

I used to live in London.

I didn’t use to live in Paris.

The Interpreter

The challengers stood, side by side, more or less, with the presenter in between, all the while trying to look at each other when they spoke, as the interpreter darted back and forth into the microphone, obscuring the cautious Japanese player with her shiny black hair and glittering cheekbones.

“So, we’re about to start,” asked the grinning ginger hipster bearded professional, knowing pretty much next to nothing about the game, “do you have any final words for your opponent?” Continue reading “The Interpreter”