Presentations Tests

test #1 Correct these sentences
  1. OK for begin, let we look for the most basic product in our range
  2. The issue relation to our model is  product performance.
  3. But I‘m a digression: let’s get back on the product specifications themselves.
  4. That’s all I’m having time for on product specification. Let’s moving on to our mid-range model.
  5. As you can be seeing on this transparency, there are two key features I want to talk about in relative to our mid-range model.
  6. I think that covers up everything on our mid-range model.
  7. Time is moved on, do let’s turn up to our top of the range product.


test #2 Insert a missing word or phrase

Beginning presentation


Today I would like to ________ how X is the best technology of 20XX


Hello everyone, ______ _______


Terry and I ________ __________ to talk to you about x


Hello everyone, my _________ is Terry


Good _______, I ______ like to talk to you about….


Our talk/presentation is ___________ into three parts.


The _______ of today’s presentation is to ______ that x is the best solution for your business.


Which is correct?


I’ll begin/beginning with


Frst/ Firstly / Firsting I will talk about…


Let me start by outline/outlining/outlined the advantages of…


Let’s / let you / me will /  begin with…


Firsty / Firstly / Firstler


Seconder secondlier Secondly


In the first part/ partly/ party let’s examine the….

then I /we/us will look at …

and finally/ subsequently / nextly


Ending your point


That _________ us to the end of this point


To sum up / summarising ….


That ___________ (summarise) the point about x


Right, that’s all I wanted to _____ about…


OK, I think that ______ everything on the subject…


OK, I think that _____ ___ everything with this topic.


Moving to next point


This _____ me to my next point, which is…

I’d now like to  ____________ to the next point which is….


Moving to next speaker

Now I will _____ you over to Max Mustermann.


Now, I’d like to ________ you my colleague


And now, Andy will _______ to you about X


Let’s _________ to the next part, my colleague Andy will take _________.


______ is Andy to talk about xxx


Taking questions


Are there _________or comments on that?


Would anyone like to _______ a question at this point?


John, did that _______ the question you had about…?


_____ questions?

Exploring a list of points


In ______ to…


With _____ to…


Adding ideas


In _______ to this, there is the matter of…


This is a good idea, _____ we need to consider the risk


_____ the poor start , we predict solid growth.


Sales have risen significantly this quarter, ______ we recommend continued investment in this market.



Moving to other areas


If I could just ______ for a second… I would like to talk about Jane’s new report.


Returning back


Now that we’ve finished with Jane’s report, let us now ______ to the agenda.


Ending presentation


That _________ me to the end of our presentation


That _________ me to the end of my talk


To summary/ sun up / summarise ….


That ___________ (summarise) my talk about x


Thanks for _____________

You have reached the end of test #2


All answers are within the work on the previous pages