The Train Station

Describe the images

Think about positions, actions, intentions and feelings

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Before Booking

Hello can I help you?

The ticket machine is out of order, where can I buy a ticket?

The kiosk is just around the corner.

Thank you

At the Kiosk

Yes I would like a ticket to Heathrow

Single or Return?

A single please, oh wait, if I buy return do I need to use it on the same day?

You can buy an open return… but that’s more expensive.

Hmmm ok, well that would save me time when I come back.  How much is it?

Offpeak is seven pounds, otherwise it’s eleven pounds fifty seven.

What time is offpeak?

Anytime after 9.30

Oh that’s fine, I’ll arrive at 11 in the morning. Can I pay by card?

Yes, is it contactless?


Alright, just place your card here please.

Here are your tickets?

Um, sorry, why do I have three tickets?

One is the outbound, the other is the return and the last is the receipt.

The outbound train takes you to Waterloo. You need to take a connecting train.  You have to change at Waterloo.

At the station

Nouns: timetable, board, screen, kiosk, platform, passengers, commuters, manager, conductor, inspector, charge, fine, seat, row, rack,

Adjectives: First class, Second class, window, aisle,

Verbs: Head, turn, depart, leave, schedule, delay, cancel, board, standing, fine, stow,

-Where can I find the train to London?

-That’s on platform 21

On the train

Please stand clear of the closing doors

Mind the gap

Would all passengers please remember to take their belongings when disembarking (leaving) the train

In order to regulate traffic / due to a signalling problem, the train will be held here for a few moments.  We apologise for the delay.

Get on/ off the train

Board the train

The train will soon be arriving at Saint Pancreas station.

Passengers for Euston should change here

Beat the rush. Beat the queue. You can buy your Oyster Card directly from us. Please speak to a train manager.

What is a commuter Train

What are the jobs of the people on the train?

What is the difference between a conductor and a driver?

What is an inspector?


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